Saudi Arabia Science Teachers' Trends in Science Teaching Practices of Teaching Related Scientific Activities According to their Supervisors' Prospective and the Supervisors Estimates of The Importance of Such Practices

Abdulwali H. Aldahmash


This paper investigated the Trends in Science Teaching Practices in-classroom science related activities among general education science teachers in Saudi Arabia from their supervisors’ perspectives. In addition, the supervisor's point of view about the importance of scientific related instructional activities was assessed. The data were collected through a validated questionnaire (19 items), which was administered to a random sample of 60 science supervisors (32 males, 28 females) from various parts of the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. The results revealed that supervisors judged classroom activities of science teachers as teacher-centered rather than student-centered. As for supervisors’ estimates of the importance of teaching activities, the results indicated that they believed that the most important teaching activities were: developing the skills of science processes, and "impementing experiments to verify the information, and providing students with correct scientific ideas. The results showed that the least important activities were those that made the students active participants in the learning process. It was concluded that science supervisors were inclined to traditional activities that made the teacher and not the student the central core for the learning process.



Teaching practice, science teaching activities, supervisors’ estimations.

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