Negative Impacts of Cultural Globalization on Islamic Identity: A Regional Project on Hashemite University Students

Fawwaz Y. Salman, Mohammad S. Alkhazalleh


This study aims at identifying the viewpoints of Hashemite University students re-
garding the negative impacts of cultural globalization on Islamic identity. The sample (n = 403) was from undergraduate students of Hashemite University. The total number of undergraduate students of the university is 24000 students. The study was conducted during the second semes- ter of the academic year 2016. A researcher-made questionnaire with appropriate validity and reliability was used to collect data. The questionnaire was distributed to sample of students. The findings indicate that The Hashemite University students' viewpoints were moderate. Also, there are statistically significant differences attributed to sex and in favor of males. However, there was no statistically significant difference attributed to college.


Cultural globalization, Islamic identity, Hashemite University.

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