Prevalence of a Forgivingness Tolerance Trait among University Students and its Relationship with Attachment Styles

Ahmad M. Mahasneh


This study aimed to identify the prevalence of a forgiveness trait among university students and its relationship with attachment styles, and to determine any differences in the extent of forgiveness based on gender, academic specialization and academic level variables. Participants in the study consisted of 784 male and female undergraduate students at the Hashemite University in the academic year 2013-2014, who completed both the attachment styles and forgiveness traits scales. Results indicated a moderate prevalence of the forgiveness trait and no significant differences were found due to gender, while significant differences were found due to academic specialization in favor of humanist specializations and academic level in favor of third and fourth academic levels. Results also indicated that the secure attachment style indicated a positive relationship with the forgiveness trait, whereas no significant relationship was found between the anxious or avoidant attachment styles, and the forgiveness trait.


Forgivingness trait, University students, attachment styles.

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