Published: Jul 23, 2017

The Effect of Prior Knowledge of Behavioral Objectives on the Immediate and Postponed Student Academic Achievement in National Education

397-415 Fakhri R. Khader

Building a Cognitive Dissonance Scale and Estimating Its Psychometric Characteristics among Umm Al-Qura University Female Students

416-430 Mariam H. Al-Lihyani, Sameera M. Al-Otaibi

Components of Excellence and its Effects on Developing Achievement and Attitude in Mathematics among Secondary School Students

431-451 Othman A. Alghtani

Some Memory Factors and Reasoning General, Meta Memory Components and Mental Flexibility as Predictive Learning Efficiency among High School Students

452-471 Marwan A. Alharbi

The Effectiveness of a Proposed Program Based on Stepanz's Model of Changing the Alternative Chemical Concepts on the Achievement of Ninth-Grade Students in Jordan

472-488 Basil A. Husein

The Efficiency of Using Computerized Program on the Level of Technical and Cognitive Performance in Basketball amongst Female in the Faculty of Physical Education at An-najah National University

489-501 Bader R. Salman

The Impact of an Educational Program Based on Brain-Based Learning in Improving the Skills of Creative Thinking and Achievement in Social and National Education in Jordan

502-522 Majed K. Al-Khawaldeh, Mohammad I. Qattawi

Measurement of Sohar Students' Satisfaction Degree with their Academic and Administrative Experience

523-542 Hamda H. Al-saadi

Comparative Study of the Psychological Needs between Kindergarten Children with Developmental Learning Disabilities and Normal

543-556 Nawaf. M. Aldhafeeri

Effect of Optical Training Vision On Developing the Aspects Of Attention and Some Others Offensive Skills in Soccer for Emerging Players

557-570 Hussain A. Kinbar

The Impact of A Counseling Program to Fight School Boredom among Middle School Pupils

571-590 Amina Yacine, Latifa Zerouali, Halima Kadri

The Relationship between Parental Treatment Styles and Early Discovery of Learning Difficulties among Pre-school Children

591-606 Khadeja M. Badr

Impact Based on the Educational Development of the Theater in Environmental Awareness "Quasi-experimental Study among Kindergarten Children Educational Program (4-5 years): in the Province of Damascus."

607-627 Ragda A. Naiseh