Published: Jul 23, 2017

Omani Stakeholders’ Preferences for Educational Placement of Students with Disabilities

628-644 Jalal H. Hussien, Abdelhafez Q. Al-Shayeb, Ibrahim Al-Qaryouti

The Relation between Omani Students' Perceptions of the Writing Strategies and their Writing Performance

645-659 Juma B. Busaidi, Dina A. Al-Jamal

Spelling Errors of Omani EFL Students

660-676 Sheikha A. Al-Bereiki, Abdo M. Al-Mekhlafi

Omani Students’ Application of the Second Standard for Technology Coaches in Internship Program

677-690 Ahmed Y. Abdelraheem, Talal S. Amir

Academic Delay of Gratification and its Relationship to Motivational Determinants, Academic Achievement, and Study Hours among Omani High School Students: A Path Analysis

691-700 Sabry M. Abd-El-Fattah, Sahar El Shourbagi

Arabic in Foreign Language Programmes: Difficulties and Challenges

701-717 Fatma Y. Al-Busaidi

Relationship between Social Anxiety and Parental Authority among College of Education Students’ at SQU

718-729 Hilal Z. Al- N abhani, Abdulhameed S. Hassan

Mindfulness of Career Counselors within the Omani’s Context

730-737 Bakkar S. Bakkar, Muna A. Al-Bahrani