Published: Jul 23, 2017

Effect of Electronic Games on Problem-Solving Skills in a Sample of Hearing-Impaired Children in Pre-School

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Degree of Parent's Practices of Learned helplessness Language from Basic Education Learned Helplessness Students' Perspective

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Availability of Professional Learning Community and the Leadership Practices that Support it in Governmental Schools in Egypt and the Sultanate of Oman

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Academic Procrastination among Students of the Faculty of Education at Hail University

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The Effect of an Enrichment Program in Life and Natural Sciences Module in Developing Achievement Motivation: An Experimental Study on Students of 1st Secondary Grade

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The Impact of Using Computer Simulation on Correcting Physical Misconceptions in the Subject of Periodic Motion among Eleventh Grade Students in the Sultanate of Oman

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Effect of E-Learning on Developing Problems Solving Skill in Mathematics Teaching for First Level Students at Faculty of Education the University of Khartoum

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The Impact of Using Moodle in Teaching Islamic Education on the Immediate and Delayed Achievement for Female Students of Grade Nine and their Attitudes toward Moodle

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Ability of Mental Motivation to Predict Academic Achievement among a Sample of Qassim University Students

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Unrealistic Optimism and its Relationship Behavior with Smoking among Smokers: Comparative Study between Algerian Smokers Affected and not Affected with Lung Cancer

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Auditory Processing Skills, Coding Strategies and Learning Processes of the Preparatory School Blind and the Sighted Students

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Comparability of Mean Scores of Gifted Students on the Jordanian Version of the Overexcitability Questionnaire (OEQII) Across Gender

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