Published: Jul 23, 2017

Factorial Validity and Reliability of Self-Regulation Learning Questionnaire among Undergraduate Students at University of Dammam in Saudi Arabia

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Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies as Predictors of Academic Achievement among University Students

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The Relationship between Students’ Perceptions of Parenting Styles and their University Life Adjustment


Negative Impacts of Cultural Globalization on Islamic Identity: A Regional Project on Hashemite University Students

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Omani Students’ Attitudes towards EFL Reading between School and University Foundation Programs: A bridge or a gap?

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Estimating Self and Spouse Intelligence among Jordanians

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Using Item Response Models to Develop a Criterion-Referenced Test to Measure the Students' Achievement in Educational Evaluation

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Investigating the Effectiveness of Digital-Based Concept Mapping on Teaching Educational Technology for Undergraduate Students

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What is the Status of Omani Parents on their Children’s Healthy Lifestyle?

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