Published: Nov 2, 2017

Developing Critical Thinking in Female Teacher Candidates at SQU: A Predictive Model

707-717 Caroline D. Ladewig

How Jordanian Students Learn about Americans? A Case Study at Yarmouk University in Irbid, Jordan

718-729 Irene Gibson, Mohammed S. Banihani

The Effect of Group Counselling Based on the Modification of Negative Self-Statements on Reducing Gender-Biased Foreign Language Anxiety among Ajloun National University Students

730-735 Mohammad H. Abood, Nadia Ahouari-idri

The Impact of Using Reading Storybooks and Writing Journal Activities on Print and Phonemic Awareness of Jordanian Kindergarten Children

736-748 Ebtesam Q. Rababah

Evaluating the Dispositions of Teacher Education Candidates: A Place for Self-Assessment

749-761 Amneh Al-Rawashdeh, Gary Ivory, Jeanette H. Writer

Psychological Happiness among Sultan Qaboos University Students in Oman

762-769 Manal K. Al Fazari

Differential Item Functioning in Students Rating of Teaching Effectiveness Surveys in Higher Education According to Academic Disciplines: Data from a Saudi University

770-780 Mahmoud AlQuraan, Ahmed AL Kuwaiti

Student Attitudes toward Career Counseling Services at Sultan Qaboos University

781-793 Mahmoud S. AlMa’wali

The Impact of Small Group Instruction on Preschool Literacy Skills

794-802 Majedah Abu Al Rub

Inclusion of an Autistic Child in Kindergarten Facility: A Case Study

803-817 Ibrahim Al-Qaryouti, Ghazwa Nachabe, Tamara Leeder