Published: Jan 29, 2018

Motives of Enrollment of Omani Students at Universities from their Points of View

1-15 Almur M. Al-Hashimi

University Service Quality in the Community Service and Continuing Education Center at Sultan Qaboos University: An Empirical Study Using SERVQUAL Scale

16-39 Nisreen S. Salah Eldean, Mariyam S. Bartamani

Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on Psychodrama in Improving Social Competence in Students with Learning Disabilities

40-57 Mohammed Abu Al Rub

Psychological Hardiness and its Relationship to some Demographic Variables among Post-Basic Education Teachers in the Governorate of South Al-Batinah in the Sultanate of Oman

58-75 Yousuf S. Al Rujaibi, Mohamad A. Al Shaikh Hammoud

Relationship between Dimensions of International Culture and the Five-Factor Model of Personality for Kuwaitis and Non-Kuwaiti Teachers

76-95 Adnan M. Alanzi, Bader M. Alansari

The Degree of Educational Supervisors’ Commitment to the Ethics of Classroom Visits as Perceived by Kuwaiti Teachers

96-112 Salem S. Alhajeri, Meznah S. Alazmi, Anwar F. Alharshani

The Effect of Using Educational Drama on Kindergarten Children's Acquisition of Mathematical and Scientific Concepts in Jordan

113-129 Mohammad A. Al-Khateeb

Effectiveness of Computerized Training Program to Develop Skills of Phonology Awareness to Activate Reading and Writing Abilities of a Sample of Talented Students with Learning Disabilities

130-146 Enas M. Oleimt

Psychometric Properties of the Dimensions of Identity Development Scale-DIDS in Gulf Environment on a Sample of Students from Sultan Qaboos University and Kuwait University

147-162 Hasan A. Alhumaidi, Basma S. ALbalushi

Relationship of Academic Self-Efficacy with Psychological Adjustment among Students in Grades 7-12 in the Sultanate of Oman

163-178 Fatma S. Aljahwari, Said S. Aldhafri

Electronic Bullying among a Sample of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Zarqa City

179-197 Hisham A. Almakanin, Najati A. Younis, Ghaleb M. Alhiary

The Effect of Using Instructional Games in Teaching Career Culture to Tenth Grade Students at South Batina Governorate in Oman

198-212 Hafidha S. AlBarashdi