Published: Jul 29, 2018

The Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on Creative Problem Solving Model (CPS) in Developing Mathematical Power for 8th Grade Students in Light of their Mathematics Achievement

444-464 Sheikha D. Al Naimi, Reda Abu Elwan, Adnan S. Al Abed

The Areas of Teacher Research in the Sultanate of Oman and the Reality of Benefiting from Them

465-483 Suleiman S. Al-Husseini, Sulaiman S. Al-Ghattami, Rashid M. Al-Hajri

Psychometric Properties of Working Memory Test for Cycle Two (Grades 5-7) of Basic Education in Muscat Governorate in Oman

484-503 Faiza G. Albalushi, Rashid S. Almehirzi, Abdulqawi S. Al Zubaidi

Effectiveness of a Proposed Training Program for Grade 11 Chemistry Teachers to Acquire Chemistry Conceptual Problem Posing and Solving Skills

504-523 Mohammed K. Al- Sinani, Abdullah K. Ambusaidi

The perceptions of Male and Female Secondary Teachers toward the Criteria for Designing and Evaluating e-Learning & Educational Software in the Independent Secondary Schools in the State of Qatar

524-538 Abdullah S. Almannai

Grade Inflation: Analatical Study About the Grades of Shaqra University Students

539-552 Nayel O. Al Kaabnh

Constructing a Scale for Test Taking Strategies of Yarmouk Univer¬sity Students

553-573 Amal A. Al Zubi

The Relation between Mobile Addiction and the Level of the Attention of Drivers to Other Vehicles and Pedestrians in a Sample of Students of Kuwait University

574-590 Haleama I. Al Fleakawi

the Effects of Training Program based on Auditory Perception Skills in Enhancing Phonological Awareness among Learning Disability Students in Aseer Region

591-604 Mohamad A. Khasawneh, Firas A. Al Ahmad, Mohamad A. Al Khawaldeh

Religious Orientation and its Relationship to Meaning of Life and Irrational Thinking among a Sample of University Student in Jeddah

605-624 Nouf G. Arfashah

The Prophetic Speech to Children: its Styles and its Psychological and Social Needs

625-641 Ibrahim Jmaiaam

The Effectiveness of a Treatment Program in Decreasing the Psychological Stressors and Improving Self-Concept of Philadelphia University Students

642-658 Sanaa N. Al-Khawaldeh, Asmaa N. Al- Khawaldeh