Published: Nov 13, 2018

Teachers’ Perceptions of Practices and Challenges of Innovating for the Inclusion of Special Needs University English Language Learners in Oman

659-671 Saleh Al-Busaidi, Victoria Tuzlukova

The Effect of Multi-Media Instructional Design based on Sweller's Theory on Reducing Cognitive Load and Developing Scientific Concepts among Deaf Primary Students

672-685 Aliah M. Al Atiyat

Do it Right: Appropriate Ways for Teachers to Treat and React to Aggressive Children in Jordanian Kindergartens

686-700 Ebtesam Q. Rababah, Majedah F. Abu Alrub

Social Responsibility and Its Relation with Procrastination and Achievement Motivation among Students of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

701-707 Fatema K. Alhoish

Could Resilience and Flourishing be Mediators in the Relationship between Mindfulness and Life Satisfaction for Saudi College Students? A Psychometric and Exploratory Study

708-723 Marei S. Younes, Mohammed R. Alzahrani

Autonomous Learning Levels of Students Majoring in EFL and the Role of their Teachers in Developing Autonomous Learning

724-738 Anwar Abdelrazeq

Structure of Burnout among Omani Male and Female Teachers: Invariance of Structure across Gender

739-749 Maher Abu-Hilal, Said Al dafri, Hashem Kilani

The Effectiveness of the Summer Immersion Program for Developing Time Management and Metacognitive Thinking Life Skills among Female Secondary School Students in Saudi Arabia

750-758 Amani K. Alghamdi, Neama Abdulsalam