Published: May 2, 2019

Mindfulness among the Post-Basic Education Students in Light of Some Variables in the Governorate of Muscat

220-234 Najla A. Najewani

The Relationship between Passive and Active Academic Procrastination and Self- Regulated Learning

235-255 Ibrahim A. Alhusaynan

Prevailing Educational Philosophy among Secondary School Teachers at Irbid Governorate Schools from their Point of View

256-274 Hazim AL-Momani

The Impact of an Educational Program based on the Components of Emotional Intelligence according to the Golman Model in the Development of Ethical Behavior in Islamic Education

275-299 Zainab A. Al-Ajmi, Mohammad A. Al- Ayasrah, Rashed S. Al- mehrzi

The Addiction of Sultan Qaboos University Students to Social Networking Sites (SNS)

300-316 Hafidha S. AlBarashdi, Said S. Aldhafri

The Teaching and Classroom Problems Facing Student-Teachers of the College of Education at Kuwait University during Field Training

317-336 Salwa A. Aljassar, Jasem A. Altammar

The Effect of Using Differentiated Instruction Approach in Acquiring some Grammatical Structures and Developing Language Performance of Primary Grade Students

337-367 Mahmoud H. Abdel Qader

The Effectiveness of an Assessment for Learning Training Program in Improving the Practice of Primary School Teachers of Assessment for Learning Strategies

368-387 Eman O. Abdulkareem

Inclusion of the Domains of Sustainable Development in Al Hadith Text Books in the Intermediate Stage

388-407 Zubaida S. Al Shamary, Talal M. Al Maaajal

The Effect of Teaching Science Using Hawkins Method in Developing Scientific Curiosity among Students of Intermediate Basic Stage

408-420 Abdelsalam M. Adili