Published: Jul 11, 2019

The Effectiveness of Using the Course Lab Program for Teaching and Assessing Sciences in Improving Grade Ten Students’ Academic Achievement and their Attitudes towards it in Oman

421-440 Hanan S. Albarashdi, Hafidhaa S. Albarashdi, Mariam T. Al Hamadani

The Predictive Ability of the Dimensions of the Future Time Perspective in Self-regulated Learning among Yarmouk University Students

441-457 Faisal K. Al-Rabee, Abdelnaser D. Al-Jarrah, Mohammad A. Melhem

The Effectiveness of an Educational Program based on Psychodrama to Develop Social Interaction Skills and Mental Toughness of a Sample of Victimized Children of Wars and Crisis

458-474 Naser Aldeen I. Abu Hammad

The Effectiveness of Interspersal Strategy in the Improving Accuracy Level to Solve Mathematics Problems and Task Engagement among Grade 4 Students with Learning Disabilities at the Sultanate of Oman

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Calibrating PIRLS Test in Sultanate of Oman Using Item Response Theory

496-515 Amal K. Al-zaabi, Abdulhameed Hassan, Rashid S. Al-mehrzi

The Impact of Using Electronic Brainstorming Strategy in a Blended Learning Environment on Grade-Eleven Female Students’ Achievement in Islamic Education in the Sultanate of Oman

516-537 Rabeeah M. Alsaqri, Mohsen N. Al Salmi

Causal Relationship Modeling of the Implicit Theories of Emotion and Emotion Regulation in View of the Cognitive Reappraisal Strategy and Happiness

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The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and the Level of Literary Appreciation Skills among Arabic Language Teachers for the Secondary Stage in Najran Region

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Twelfth Grade Kuwaiti Students’ Identification of Domain and Range in Graphical Representation of Function and the Meaning they Ascribe to them

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The Effectiveness of Family Group Counseling Program Based on Structural Theory in the Parenting Skills and Family Parental Adjustment among Alternative Families

592-614 Siham D. Abueita, Hanadi A. Alniemat