Published: Feb 11, 2020

Alternatives Strategies to Empower Youth Volunteering in Omani Society Using SWOTAnalysis Technique

1-22 Rashid S. Al-Fahdi, Wajeha T. Al-Ani, Muhammed A. Lashin

The Relationship Between Perfectionism and Goal Orientation Among Gifted Students in the King Abdullah II School of Excellence

23-40 Rawan A. AL-Momani, Osama M. Bataineh

Effectiveness of Person Fit Indices in Item Response Models with Different Degrees of Item Local Dependence

41-53 Yaqoub Z. Al Shaqsy, Yousef A. Abu Shindi, Rashid S. Almehrizi

The Impact of Teaching Programming by using Scratch on Self-motivation towards Learning Programming for Primary School Students in Riyadh

54-70 Abdulrahman A. Al-Othman, Faisal A. Almawash

The Effect of Using Mental Imagination Strategy on Developing Critical Reading Skills among Ninth Graders

71-91 Rashed M. Abu Soawen

The Extent Arabic Language Educational Qualification Students at Sohar University Use the Morphological Level in Their Oral Performance

92-107 Ibrahim M. ALrumhi

The Degree of Application of Teachers in the First Basic Seminar in Jordan for Teaching Strategies to Teach Reading Comprehension in Arabic in the Light of RAMP Program

108-127 Mohammad A. Mosleh, Abeer K. Alshaboul

Standards of Islamic Rooting for the Concepts of Education

128-145 Fahad M. Alharthi

Rusbult’s Investment Model Validity for Explaining Remaining in Abusive Relationship for Sample of Jordanian Abused Women

146-164 Jalal K. Damra

The Cognitive Style (Flexibility Rigidity) and Study Procrastination as Predictors of Tenth-Graders' Attitudes toward Wall Writings

165-185 Issa M. Al-Mohtasib