Published: Apr 16, 2020

Attitude towards Equality between Men and Women and its Source of Formation among Palestinian Post-Graduate Education Students

186-205 Sanaa Abou-Dagga, Hamdan Alsoofi, Somaya Sayma

The Effectiveness of Using Some E-Supporting Applications in Developing Digital Empowerment among Public Education Teachers in Light of Quality Standards for the Instructional Design

206-228 Taghreed A. Alrehaili, Aisha B. AL-Amri

The Skills of the Knowledge Economy Expected in the Future in the School Education in Oman: A scientific Study by Using the Delphi Method

229-249 Jalilh Al Belooshi, Saif Al Ma'amari

Effectiveness of Using the Overlapping Waves Strategy During the Teaching of Geography in Acquiring the Realistic Thinking Skills and Improving the Attitudes Toward it Among the Sixth Grade Students in Jordan

250-269 Ahmed I. Daoud

The Reality of Using Active Learning Strategies among Secondary School Female Teachers of Arabic Language in Taif City

270-288 Yusra R. Al-Thubaiti

The Relationship between Learned Helplessness and Social skills among Students with Learning Disabilities in the Primary Stage

289-306 Sobhi S. Al-Harthi

Using Participatory Video as an Instructional Tool to Develop Arabic Speaking Skills: Its Impact and Attitudes towards it

307-325 Ibtehal M. Aburezeq

The Relationship between Unemployment Anxiety and the Quality of Life among Final Year Students at the University of Khartoum

326-341 Mohamad M. Al Tayeb

The Efficiency of Professional Development Programs based on Social Constructivism in Improving Teaching Practices of Mathematics Teachers in Jordan

342-361 Ziad M. Nemrawi, Amjad M. Zraiqat

The Effectiveness of Engineering Design in Developing Engineering Habits of Mind among Eight Grade Students in Sultanate of Oman

362-380 Marwa M. Al Hinai, Sulaiman M. Al Balu, Abdulla K. Ambusaidi