The Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies (JEPS) is a refereed journal published by Sultan Qaboos University Publishing Council. It is concerned with publishing rigorous qualitative and quantitative original research with originality of thoughts, clarity of research methodology and accuracy of documentation in the fields of curriculum and teaching methodology, educational technology, educational psychology and foundations and educational administration.

Published: Jul 14, 2020

The Effect of Psychological Stress on Alienation Levels among Sultan Qaboos University Students

381-397 Marwa N. Al Rajhi, Riham A. Alkhalili

The Relationship between Religious Commitment and Ego Strength among a Sample of Hashemite University Students

398-416 Mohammad H. Abood, Nadia Idri

The Effect of Using Six Dimensional Strategy PDEODE in Teaching Science on the Basic Eighth Grade Students' Achievement and their Attitudes towards it

417-436 Waleed H. Nawafleh, Razan M. Muheedat

Effectiveness of Counseling Program Based on Satir Theory to Reduce Psychological Stress among Married Syrian Refugee Women

437-463 Fawwaz A. Momani, Abdullah A. Al-Freihat

The Effectiveness of Educational Infographics in the Academic Achievement and Geological Sense Development among Tenth Grade Students in the Sultanate of Oman

464-480 Huda M. Al-Dayri, Ahmed H. Al-Rabaani, Mahmoud M. Ibrahim

The Effectiveness of the Discrimination Model-Based Counseling Supervisory Program in Improving Crisis Counseling Skills among Family Reform Counselors in Jordan

481-502 Rami A. Tashtoush

Constructing an Instrument for Measuring the Selective Visual Attention of Basic-Stage Students in Gaza and Verifying its Psychometric Characteristics

503-520 Akram M. El-Hujuj, Zeinab A. Badawy

The Effect of the Reciprocal Teaching Strategy on Improving the Reading Comprehension of Deaf Students

521-538 Osama M. Bataineh, Ruwayda Freihat

The Impact of Using Flipped Classrooms in Developing Mathematical Power among Female Students of the Department of Basic Stage Teaching at al-Aqsa University


The Effectiveness of Scientific Stations Strategy in Achievement of the Seventh Grade Students in Dictation

558-571 Asia A. Al Rawahi, Suliman S. Al Ghattami

Student-Teachers’ Beliefs towards Learning Mathematics and Beliefs of Mathematics Teaching Efficacy and their Relation to their Perception of the Development of Pupils’ Understanding of Mathematics

572-583 Adnan S. Al-Abed