Published: Jun 22, 2022

Proposed study to develop reality of using Madrasari platforms from the point of view of High school mathematics teachers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their attitudes towards it

103-119 Sarah S. Alqahtani, Abdullah S. Alaiban

The Extent of Teacher-perceived Entrepreneurial Guidance for Students in Islamic Education Curriculum

120-133 Mahmoud A. Mustafa

The Relative Contribution of Career Decision Self-efficacy in Predicting Career Decision-making Difficulties among Secondary School Students

134-152 Ahmad Gazo , Ahmed Mahasneh, Omaer Al-adamat

The Role Played by Children’s Channels in Educating the Child on other Cultures from the Viewpoint of Parents in Kuwait

153-166 Laila S. Alkhayat

Assessment of Digital Educational Curricula from the Point of View of Students of the Faculty of Education at Hama University

167-179 Asmaa A. Alhasan

Perceptions of Chinese Arabic Language Students in Jordan of Online Learning during the Covid- 19 Pandemic

180-193 Mohammed A. Al- Khawaldeh; Ma Tong

Cognitive Distortions and its Relationship to Aggressive Behavior among Students of the Upper Basic Stage in Hebron city

194-210 Nabil J. Jondi, Falasteen M. Makamreh, Shahd A. Isead