Published: Jul 1, 2023

Effectiveness of a Counseling Program Based on Self-Theory in Developing Leadership Behavior Skills among Middle and late Childhood Students

248-266 Ragaa H. Alsaidiah, Mosleh M. Almajali, Nasser S. Abdelrasheed

Level of Happiness among Kuwait University Students after the Covid-19 Pandemic in Light of some Variables

267-282 Abdelmotaleb A. Abdelmotaleb

The effectiveness of Nedam's Constructive Model in Teaching Technology to Develop Productive Thinking Skills and Technological Awareness among Middle School Students in Palestine

283-297 Mohamed S. Sharaf

Designing an Educational Program Based on (Micro: Bit) and Its Effectiveness in Acquisition of Basic Programming Skills and Computational Thinking Skills for Primary School Students

298-314 Abdulaziz A. Alnamlah , Abdulrahman A. AlOthman

The Availability of Organizational Health Dimensions in Basic Education Schools in Al Batinah North Governorate during Distance Learning from Teachers’ Point of View

315-331 Ali H. Al Balushi

Mental Well-being and Life Satisfaction among Mountain Hikers in the Sultanate of Oman


Factors Underlying the Quantitative Writing Development of Students of the Arabic Language Program in the College of Education at Kuwait University

344-358 Mohammed R. Jouhar