Published: Jul 8, 2017

Psychological Stresses and Abuse of Kindergarten Children among Working and Non- Working Mothers

1-20 Aisheh. H. Tawalbeh, Hasan Al- Zawaydeh

The Effect of a Proposed Educational Guide Using Advanced Teaching Styles on the Achievement of Volleyball Specializing Female Students in some Tactical Aspects

21-36 Abdelsalam Jaber Hussein

Implementation of Human Rights Principles in School Administration: Perceptions of Principals and Teachers of Arab Schools at Jerusalem Governorate

37-61 Mohammad A. Abdeen, Eman Reyad Mustafa

Psychometric Properties of the Short Form of Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking (WGCTA-S)Appraisal among a Sample of Students Teachers

62-79 Khaled N. Al - Otaibi

The Effect of the Strategies of Multiple-Intelligences and Six Hats Strategies and Problem Solving in the Development of Eighth Grader's Scientific Thinking Skills in Jordan.

80-98 Feras Al Sulaiti, khaled Mifdy

An Evaluation of Teacher Preparation Program in the College of Education, Sultan Qaboos University from the Perspectives of its Graduates

99-113 Salem Al Ganbousy, Hmood Al Harthi, Ali Kazem

The Professional Development Needs of Mathematics Teachers in Saudi Arabia

114-132 Abdullah Suliman Al-Balawi, Radman Mohammed Saeed

Mathematics Teachers’ Attitudes toward Low Achievers in Mathematics

133-146 Ibrahim A. El-Shara, Adnan S. Al-Abed