Published: Jul 23, 2017

Supervisory Working Alliance and Trainees’ Counseling Self-Efficacy: Implications for Developing Training Program of Counseling Students

231-248 Jehad M. Alaedein

Revision of Guilford Formula to Correct Item Difficulty for Guessing in Multiple Choice Test Items

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The Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction in Modifying the Alternative Perception of Geometry Concepts among 7th Grade Students in Jordan

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Students’ Difficulties in Solving Physics Problems in Introductory College PhysicsCourses at King Saud University

272-289 Fahad S. Alshaya

The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy and Music Therapy onReducing Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms among a Sample of Refugee Children

290-303 Jalal K. Damrah

Family Disputes and their Relationship to Psychological Identity among a Sample of Adolescents

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Numerical Concepts between the Reality of Elementary Students' Understanding and their Teachers' Beliefs towards this Understanding in Saudi Arabia

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Quality Indicators of Self- Determination of Special Education Programs in Jordan

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Tenth Grade Female Students' Acquisition of Jurisprudential Provisions Related to Women in Textbooks of Islamic Education in Oman

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A Survey of Biology Alternative Conceptions among General Education Students in the Sultanate of Oman

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Insomnia among Egyptian Samples of University Students and Employees

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