Research Trends : Natural Products as Pest, Microbial Disease an Tumour Control Agents

M.O. Fatope, Salma M. Z. Al-Kindi, Abdulrahman O. Abdulnour


The zeal to conquer human, agronomic, and veterinary diseases or pests has always sustained research interests directed at finding new medications from under explored biodiversity. The adoption of bioassay methods, which correlate with prevention, inhibition and reversal of diseases or elimination of pests, in screening natural products for bioactive compounds is critical to the discovery of new medications. This article focuses on areas of natural products chemistry that connect academia with industry. It discusses the technical skills needed to find bioactive compounds from microbes, marine invertebrates, plants and insects, highlighting the mode of action of selected bioactive compounds and bioassay models for detecting them. It also reviews methods and prospects of genetic manipulation of organisms to produce unnatural natural products of therapeutic importance.


science, applied science, basic science

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