Converged Networking: A Review of Concepts and Technologies

Adel Ahmed Ali, Ahmed M. Al-Naamany


Converged networking is an emerging technology thrust that integrates voice, video, and data traffic on a single network. Converged networking encompasses several aspects, all of which are related to the aggregation of networking activity. Such aspects include, Payload convergence, Protocol convergence, Physical convergence, Device convergence, Application convergence, Technology convergence, etc. In recent years the Internet has developed into a global data network that is highly accepted as a multimedia information platform, which has the potential to develop into an alternative carrier network in the future. Several convergence scenarios have been recently proposed, ranging from integrating communication services and computer application into two separate networks, to building a seamless multimedia network, which converges the Central Office based network and the Internet in a single network, thereby enabling telecommunications operators and service provider's tremendous investment in existing network infrastructure to be fully utilized. This paper offers introduction and review of the networking technologies. The paper presents the existing multiple networks into two infrastructures: an ATM/Frame Relay (Ethernet)- based corporate network with integrated voice, video, and data traffic and an Internet-based network for secure intranet, extranet and remote access. This work is aimed at summarizing the internetworking basics and technologies which are essential for the emerging converged networking systems. The specific areas addressed here are networking basics, networking technologies, types of traffic, and convergence of computer and communication networks.


science, applied science, basic science

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