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This paper will present a review of characteristic harmonics in both single phase and three phase drive front end rectifiers, discuss recent research findings in identifying sources and production of non-characteristic harmonics and amplification of harmonic levels when the front end rectifiers are fed from non-ideal supply conditions. Significant amount of triplens may be generated due to unbalances in utility supply voltage wave form and anticipated harmonic levels may vary widely. The paper will also discuss international harmonic standards such as the AS 2279, IEEE 519, and IEC 61000 series applicable to rectifier loads. Finally, the paper will present techniques to reduce harmonic levels by mixing of single phase and three phase non-linear loads resulting from mutual cancellations.




Harmonics THD 3rd harmonic Triplen Harmonic Supply Imbalance Voltage Distortion Non-Characteristic Harmonics Harmonic Standards and Harmonic Cancellations.

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