Periodic Solutions of a System of Delay Differential Equations for a Small Delay

Adu A.M. Wasike, Wandera Ogana


We prove the existence of an asymptotically stable periodic solution of a system of delay differential equations with a small time delay t > 0. To achieve this, we transform the system of equations into a system of perturbed ordinary differential equations and then use perturbation results to show the existence of an asymptotically stable periodic solution. This approach is contingent on the fact that the system of equations with t = 0 has a stable limit cycle. We also provide a comparative study of the solutions of the original system and the perturbed system.  This comparison lays the ground for proving the existence of periodic solutions of the original system by Schauder's fixed point theorem. 




Periodic Solutions, Delay Differential Equations, Schauder’s Fixed Point Theorem.

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