Petroleum Hydrocarbon Residues in Surficial Sediment Samples from Aden City Coasts, Yemen

Ibrahim Al-Akhaly, Nabil Al-Shwafi, Basem Al-Matari, Eman I.Siam


The environmental quality along Aden coasts is affected by the anthropogenic pressure of Aden city. Field work has been carried out to investigate the occurrence of petroleum pollution along these coasts. To determine the status of aliphatic hydrocarbon (AH) (n-C10 to n-C34) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) pollution in surface sediments, twenty seven surface sediment samples were collected in July and December 2014 and March 2015 and analysed for AHs and PAHs by using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to determine their levels and sources. Concentrations of AHs ranged from 6.25 µg/g at station 5 (Goldmoor) to 41.05 µg/g at station 7 (Al Ghadir coast) with an average of 16.49 µg/g. Concentrations of PAHs were in the range between 0.37 µg/g at station 5 (Goldmoor) and 16.30 µg/g at station 9 (Oil Harbor) with an average of 7.38 µg/g. The study showed that the levels of petroleum hydrocarbons (PHs) in coastal sediments are low and within the allowed limits. The major sources of the pollution were petrogenic in origin, based on the indices of AHs and PAHs. This pollution is a result of localized oil operations and/or heavy ship traffic in the Gulf of Aden. The results will be used to assess the ecosystem quality. Environmental control is recommended to reduce the marine pollution of Aden coasts.


Aden; Coastal sediments; Gulf of Aden; Petroleum pollution; Yemen

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