Specific Heat of Dy.40 Cu.37 Y.23 Amorphous Alloy at Low Temperatures

K.A. Mohammed


The low temperature specific heat of the magnetic Dy0.40Cu0.37Y0.23 amorphous alloy have been investigated in the temperature range 2 to 50 K. The magnetic contributions to the specific heat, magnetic entropy changes, ordering temperatures and the effective magnetic spin have been estimated for this magnetic amorphous alloy. The magnetic specific heat show broad anomaly at a certain temperature, Tm of about 28 K. The value of Tm is higher than Tf (=23.5 K) determined from low field ac susceptibility measurements. The magnetic entropy changes between 0 K and Tm are estimated to be 84 %  of the maximum theoretical value. The behaviors of this amorphous alloy agree quit well with those of condensed rare earth amorphous systems.




Specific Heat, Amorphous Alloys, Dysprosium Amorphous Alloys.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24200/squjs.vol11iss0pp95-101


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