Crystal Field Parameters and Optical Parameters of Nd3+ in Sodium Bismuth Silicate Glass

Vinoy Thomas, Ramakrishna P.G.P.S. Sofin, Mathew Allen, Hysen Thomas


Neodymium doped sodium bismuth silicate glasses were prepared by the melt quench technique. Optical absorption spectra of the Nd3+ion in the present glassy systems were recorded in the UV-Vis-NIR region. Taylor series expansion method was adopted for theoretical evaluation of various crystal field parameters such as the Slater-Condon (F2,F4,F6), spin orbit and Racah parameters (E1,E2,E3). Oscillator strength and electric dipole line strength of the observed transitions were evaluated with the help of Judd-Ofelt (JO) theory. Radiative transition probability (A), total radiative transition probability (At), radiative life time (trad), branching ratios (b) and integrated absorption (sa) cross section for stimulated emission between the meta stable state 4F3/2 and 4IJ ( J= 15/2,13/2,11/2 and 9/2) levels were calculated using JO parameters. Optical basicity of the glass was found to increase with the addition of  bismuth.  




Silicate glasses; Optical absorption spectroscopy; Racah parameters.

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