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Limestone in southeast Ataq, Shabwah governorate in Yemen was studied to assess its engineering properties to ensure their compliance with the minimum construction requirements. This limestone is widely used as building stone in this area. Six different sites were selected for sampling appropriate limestone rock for building stone. 42 representative samples were collected and tested for water content, water absorption, dry density, saturated density, specific gravity, porosity, void ratio, and uniaxial compressive strength to ensure their suitability for use in the production of dimension stone. Tensile strength and elastic modulus were estimated. Their low water absorption, density and porosity values make them suitable for constructing building foundations. Their compressive strength, tensile strength and elastic modulus show their high resistance to crushing and bending effects. Engineering properties data from southeast Ataq limestone were compared with data from various parts of the world. The results showed that southeast Ataq limestone is of good quality and satisfies the ASTM requirements as building stone.

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