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In-situ location of precious stones from the mineral-rich zones in parts of Lafiagi (Sheet 203) and Pategi (Sheet 204) areas of Bida basin, central Nigeria was carried out. It was aimed at identification of the structures that usually host precious stones and then locating them in these areas. This work involved the qualitative and quantitative analysis of aeromagnetic data and pseudo-gravity transforms using the 3-D Euler Deconvolution subroutine of Oasis MontajTM software and the geological information obtained from reliable sources in the structural interpretation and isolation work. The geological features in the studied region have been connected to the presence of gemstones known to associate with them making their location logical and easier than the hit- or-miss approach adopted by the artesian miners. The results have shown that the abundance of 2D and 3D structures that are commonly associated with precious minerals as well as the persistence and continual activities of artisanal miners explain why the study area is rich in mineral deposits.

Keywords: Precious stones, Mineral-rich, aeromagnetic, pseudo-gravity transforms, 3-D Euler.

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