Published: Apr 24, 2024

The Class I Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor as a Potent Therapeutic Target for Treating Glioblastoma and Mocetinostat as a Novel Inhibitor in the Induction Death of Cancer Cells

Firas Hameed Khathayer

Genotoxic Response and Histological Alterations in Rat Lungs Exposed to Gasoline Generator Exhaust

Akinpelu Moronkeji, Frederick O.Akinbo

Production and Optimization of Extracellular α-amylase From Halophilic Bacteria Cytobacillus oceanisediminis Isolated From Wadi-El-Natrun, Egypt

Nada A. Hashem, Naeima M.H. Yousef

Evaluation of Hospital Wastewater Treatment Using Sewage Treatment Plant for Heavy Metals, Radionuclides, and Some Pharmaceuticals: A Case Study

Amira M.A. Al-Maqrashia, El-Said I. EL-Shafey, Haider A. Al-Lawati , Abbasher M. Gismelseed , Bashayer B. Al-Mamari

Preliminary Evidence for the Decline in Discharge at Falaj Daris, Nizwa, Oman

Ziyana Al-Rawahi , Paul R. Houser

Lithostratigraphy and Microfacies of the Upper Cretaceous Muti Formation of the Oman Foreland Basin, Nakhal Area, Oman

68-85 Jenan Ahmed Attar, Iftikhar Ahmed Abbasi, Muhammad Hanif, Mohamed A.K. El-Ghali, Abdulrazaq Al-Sayigh, Abdul Rahman Al-Harthi

In-situ Location of Precious Stones using Magnetic Data and Pseudo-Gravity Transforms in Parts of the Nupe Basin Area of Nigeria


Supercontinuum Generation by Controlling Pitch in Photonic Crystal Fibers

Mohammed Salim Jasim Al-Taie