The editorial team for the SQUMJ seeks internship for editorial fellowship positions for aspiring graduate student or jobseekers (AGSJ) in Oman. The fellows will work closely with the journal’s editor or the associate editor to develop their editorial leadership skills.

Insight into Academic Publishing: Interning at the editorial office allows AGSJ to gain practical experience in peer review processes and journal metrics. AGSJ get hands-on exposure to the entire publication process, including manuscript review, editing, formatting, and online publishing. This knowledge can be advantageous for individuals pursuing careers in academia, research, or scientific communication.

Skill Development: Working at the editorial office helps AGSJ develop and enhance a range of essential skills. They learn how to critically evaluate research articles, identify relevant literature, and communicate effectively with authors, reviewers, and colleagues. These skills are transferable and applicable to various professional settings, improving the AGSJ's overall employability.

Research Insight: As AGSJ engage with research articles and contribute to the journal's editorial decisions, they gain insights into current trends, emerging research topics, and the scientific community's advancements. This exposure broadens their knowledge base and enhances their understanding of the research process, which is highly valuable for individuals pursuing further studies or research careers.

Professional Development: The internship experience provides AGSJ with a platform to develop their professional identity and work ethic. They learn to meet deadlines, manage multiple tasks, and work within a team. These attributes are highly valued by employers and are crucial for success in any professional environment.

Resume/CV Enhancement: Having internship experience at Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal's editorial office adds significant value to an AGSJ's resume or CV. It demonstrates their commitment to the field, their willingness to gain practical experience, and their initiative to go beyond their academic studies. It sets them apart from other candidates and enhances their chances of securing desirable positions or admission to graduate programs.

This internship opportunity is for a candidate to work in the Editorial Office alongside the Editorial Staff. It requires candidates to physically come to the Editorial Office for at least 2-3 hours a day.


Interested candidates should email a letter of interest introducing themselves, their expertise, and an explanation of their interest in and appropriateness for the position, to