Occurence of autoantibodies in healthy Omani individuals

Ali A. Al-Jabri, Elizabeth R Richens


Objectives: To investigate the occurence of various autoantibodies in the Omani population. Method: Sera from 392 healthy Omani individuals comprising 183 pregnant women and 209 blood donors (183 men and 26 women) were investigated. Autoantibodies were detected using immunofl uorescence, haemagglutination and latex agglutination techniques. Result: Low levels of autoantibodies were detected in approximately 50% of the subjects; very few subjects showed high autoantibody titres. Anti smooth muscle autoantibodies (ASMA) were the most prevalent, and were detected in 31.6% of the individuals. Anti thyroid microsomal autoantibodies (ATMA) and anti thyro globulin autoantibodies (ATA) were present in 5.9% and 4.9% of indivi duals respect ively. The other autoantibodies were detected much less frequently, viz. anti nuclear auto antibodies (ANA) in 1.5%, anti parietal cells autoantibodies (APCA) in 1.8%, antireticulin autoantibodies patterns (ARAP) in 3.0% and rheumatoid factor (RF) in 1.0% of the subjects. Conclusion: The data indicate that autoantibodies do exist in healthy Omani individuals and the results of clinical tests for these autoantibodies must be interpreted with caution. 


Autoantibodies, Oman, healthy individuals, autoimmune diseases

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