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A unilateral case of variations in the brachial and antebrachial arterial branching pattern of a human upper limb is reported. A high bifurcation of brachial artery along with superficial course of ulnar artery was observed. Additionally, the profunda brachii and common interosseous artery originated from the radial artery instead of brachial and ulnar arteries respectively. An atypical branching pattern of arteries in an upper limb could pose a challenging problem to vascular surgeons while performing reconstructive procedures.


Brachial artery Anomalies Case Report India.

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Mehta, V., Arora, J., Suri, R. K., & Rath, G. (2008). Unilateral Anomalous Arterial Pattern of Human Upper Limb Anatomical Description and Clinical Implications. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 8(2), 227–230. Retrieved from