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Central venous catheters (CVP) are frequently used in clinical practice. Occasionally, catheters may become dislodged. If percutaneous retrieval fails, then cardiothoracic surgery is necessary to retrieve the fractured catheter and avoid potential complications. This report describes early experiences of three different modes of broken catheter retrieval: the first by use of a snare catheter; the second by surgery and the third during bypass surgery. We conclude that broken fragments of catheters that lodge in the right side of the heart or pulmonary circulation can be retrieved most of the time percutaneously by snare catheters. 


Central Venous Pressure (CVP) Dislodgement percutaneous Snare catheter Chest X-Ray pulmonary 2D echocardiography Fluoroscopy Case report.

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Al-Hadi, H., & Sallam, M. (2009). Retrieval of Dislodged Central Venous Pressure Catheters Early experience with three case presentations. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 9(2), 175–179. Retrieved from

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