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We report a 58-years old patient, who underwent surgery for a fracture to the neck of the femur. Tracheal intubation was performed with the aid of a stylet; however, 15 minutes later, it was brought to the notice of the attending anesthesiologist that a broken piece of stylet had been left inside the lumen of the endotracheal tube. Prior to this, there was no evidence of a foreign body in the endotracheal tube or tracheobronchial tree. The broken piece of stylet was successfully retrieved with the help of a Kocher’s forceps.


Broken stylet Endotracheal tube obstruction Foreign body Case report Oman.

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Sharma, P. K., Khan, R. M., & Kaul, N. (2010). An Unnoticed Broken Sheathed Metallic Stylet in an Endotracheal Tube : A case report. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 10(1), 126–128. Retrieved from