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Because of their physical size and physiological immaturity, resuscitation of extremely very low birth weight premature infants is a big dilemma for neonatologists in any hospital. The resuscitation may present an additional challenge to the caregiver if it is undertaken in a remote community hospital with limited technical facilities and health personnel. We present the case of successful resuscitation of a 23-week- old premature infant, with a birth weight of 650 g, at Delma Island Community Hospital, United Arab Emirates. Despite the comparatively limited facilities for such a resuscitation, the rapid ethical decisions made when considering the resuscitation of such a borderline viable fetus, were key in avoiding long term neurological and pulmonary problems and contributed to the outcome of a healthy infant. 


Infant extremely low birth weight very low birth weight Respiratory distress syndrome newborn.

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Saeed, Z. M., & Shubbar, I. I. (2012). Successful Resuscitation of an Extremely Low Birth Weight Premature Infant in Delma Island Community Hospital, United Arab Emirates. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 12(3), 364–368. Retrieved from