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We present the only case in English medical literature of a spinal neurofibroma misdiagnosed as a herniated disc using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This case presented with typical symptoms and radiological findings of a herniated disc. Intraoperatively, an abnormality was noted at the S1 nerve root sleeve. Further exploration revealed a spinal neurofibroma which was completely resected, resulting in an improvement in the patient’s symptoms. Currently, there is heavy reliance on MRI as a highly sensitive and specific tool used in the diagnosis of herniated lumbar discs. Although there have been occasional reports of misdiagnoses using MRI, there are no reported cases of a spinal neurofibroma being misdiagnosed as a herniated lumbar disc. Despite great advances in radiological diagnostic imaging, surgical surprises do still occur. Ultimately, instinct is still essential in intraoperative surgical decisions.


Herniated disc Misdiagnosis MRI scan Neurofibroma Case report USA.

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