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The healthcare needs of the Omani population are evolving, particularly with regards to changes in disease complexity, advances in technology and the enhanced delivery of healthcare services. Nurses now need to adapt to a fundamental shift in the provision of patient-centred care. In line with lifelong learning goals, registered nurses in Oman at the diploma level should seek to obtain a more advanced qualification, for instance a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, to ensure they possess the requisite skills and knowledge to keep abreast of new developments in healthcare management. Challenges involved in this transition and suggestions to overcome these potential obstacles are discussed in this article in order to inform nursing education stakeholders. Recommendations to ensure the success of bridging programmes are also suggested.


Nursing Clinical Competence Patient Care Baccalaureate Nursing Education Nursing Diploma Program Nursing Licensure Oman.

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Kamanyire, J. K., & Achora, S. (2015). A Call for More Diploma Nurses to Attain a Baccalaureate Degree : Advancing the nursing profession in Oman. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 15(3), 322–326.