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Cutaneous scarring is common after trauma, surgery and infection and occurs when normal skin tissue is replaced by fibroblastic tissue during the healing process. The pathophysiology of scar formation is not yet fully understood, although the degree of tension across the wound edges and the speed of cell growth are believed to play central roles. Prevention of scars is essential and can be achieved by attention to surgical techniques and the use of measures to reduce cell growth. Grading and classifying scars is important to determine available treatment strategies. This article presents an overview of the current therapies available for the prevention and treatment of scars. It is intended to be a practical guide for surgeons and other health professionals involved with and interested in scar management.


Scarring Hypertrophy Keloids Silicone Steroids Surgery.

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Al-Shaqsi, S., & Al-Bulushi, T. (2020). Cutaneous Scar Prevention and Management : Overview of current therapies. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 16(1), 3–8.