Asthma Clinics in Primary Healthcare Centres in Oman: Do they make a difference?

Abdulaziz Al-Mahrezi, Sawsan Baddar, Sheikha Al-Siyabi, Safaa Al-Kindi, Ibrahim Al-Zakwani, Omar Al-Rawas


Objectives: This study aimed to determine the effect of newly established asthma clinics (ACs) on asthma management at primary healthcare centres (PHCs) in Oman. Methods: This retrospective crosssectional study was conducted between June 2011 and May 2012 in seven PHCs in the Seeb wilayat of Muscat, Oman. All ≥6-year-old asthmatic patients visiting these PHCs during the study period were included. Electronic medical records were reviewed to determine which clinical assessment and management components had been documented. Results: A total of 452 asthmatic patients were included in the study. The mean age was 35 ± 21 years old (range: 6–95 years) and the majority (57%) were female. In total, 288 (64%) cases were managed at ACs and 164 (36%) were managed at general clinics (GCs). Significant differences were noted in the documentation of cases managed at ACs compared to those at GCs, including history-taking information regarding signs and symptoms (91% versus 19%; P <0.001), trigger factors (79% versus 16%; P <0.001) and a history of atopy (81% versus 17%; P <0.001), smoking (61% versus 7%; P <0.001), asthma exacerbations (73% versus 10%; P <0.001) or previous admissions (63% versus 10%; P <0.001). Furthermore, prescription rates of inhaled corticosteroids (72% versus 61%; P = 0.021) and short-acting β-agonists (93% versus 82%; P = 0.001) were significantly higher at ACs compared to GCs. Conclusion: Overall, the findings indicated that ACs have had a positive impact on asthma management at the studied PHCs.

Keywords: Asthma; Disease Management; Patient Compliance; Medical History Taking; Medical Records; Documentation; Oman.

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