Impact of Fungiform Papillae Count on Taste Perception and Different Methods of Taste Assessment and their Clinical Applications: A comprehensive review

Asim M. Khan, Saqib Ali, Reshma V. Jameela, Muhaseena Muhamood, Maryam F. Haqh


Fungiform papillae are raised lingual structures which contain taste buds and thus play an important role in taste perception. These structures vary in number due to their relative sensitivity to a range of systemic and local factors which affect the dorsum of the tongue. Taste sensation can be measured using both chemical and electrical methods; however, the number of fungiform papillae has a direct effect on chemogustometric and electrogustometric values during evaluation. This review provides a general overview of fungiform papillae, their quantification methods and the various factors which may affect these structures. In addition, numerous methods of recording taste sensation and their clinical applications are highlighted.

Keywords: Sensation; Taste; Taste Perception; Tongue; Taste Buds; Investigative Techniques.

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