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Objectives: Imperforate hymen (IH) is a common genital tract anomaly in women which usually presents after puberty. However, surgical treatment is often considered controversial in religious or conservative communities for sociocultural reasons. This study therefore aimed to assess the efficacy of a novel reconstructive technique involving the preservation of the annular hymen. Methods: This prospective interventional study was performed between July 2013 and October 2019 at the minimally invasive surgery unit of a tertiary university hospital in Egypt. A total of 36 women presenting with primary amenorrhoea and haematocolpus were diagnosed with postpubertal IH. A circular hymenotomy was performed on each patient using a 10 mm laparoscopy trocar tip and sleeve to form a new annular hymen under general anaesthesia while preserving the annular hymen. The primary outcome measure was the persistence of hymenal patency and integrity at follow-up. The secondary outcome measure included post-operative patient satisfaction and pain relief. Results: The reported technique was feasible in all cases without intraoperative complications. Patency of the reconstructed annular hymen was confirmed at follow-up in all cases; moreover, no intraoperative complications were reported. There was a significant post-operative improvement in pain scores (P <0.001). Both the patients and their parents/guardians reported a high level of satisfaction with the technique. Conclusion: This novel technique for the correction of IH involving the reconstruction of an annular hymen was found to be a safe, minimally invasive and effective procedure. This technique should be considered a feasible alternative to a conventional hymenotomy as it allows for the resumption of normal hymenal anatomy without overtreatment.



Congenital Abnormalities; Imperforate Hymen; Hematocolpos; Amenorrhea; Colpotomy; Reconstructive Surgical Procedures; Treatment Outcome; Egypt.

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Darwish, A. M. (2021). A Novel Technique for the Reconstructive Formation of an Annular Hymen in Cases of Postpubertal Imperforate Hymen. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal [SQUMJ], 21(1), e110–115.