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Objective: This study aimed to assess the knowledge and attitude regarding cervical cancer and Human papilloma virus (HPV) among Omani women aged 18 years and older. Methods: This cross-sectional survey was conducted between September 2019 and February 2020 in primary health care facilities throughout Oman. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to assess the knowledge and attitude regarding cervical cancer and HPV. Results: A total of 805 women participated in the study (response rate: 89%). Two thirds of the participants had heard about cervical cancer (67%) while fewer were aware of HPV (15.8%). Around one third of the women identified HPV as a risk factor for developing cervical cancer (38.9%). Very few participants had knowledge of HPV vaccines (10.1%). Major source of information regarding both cervical cancer and HPV was social media (33.0%), as compared to 16.9% who got the information from healthcare providers. Despite the poor knowledge, almost half of the participants were open to vaccinating schoolgirls (41.2%) and even their daughters (47.0%) Conclusion: Most of the participants had poor knowledge regarding cervical cancer and HPV; even those with a personal or family history of cervical cancer. Main source of knowledge was social media. Majority were open to the idea of offering the HPV vaccine to middle school-aged girls and even their daughters. Proper incorporation into school curricula and improving access to trusted medical knowledge to the public in the social media may help in enriching the public’s knowledge, and possibly, correct misinformation and myths regarding cervical cancer and HPV.

Keywords: Papillomavirus Vaccines; Cervical Cancer, Surveys and Questionnaires; Risk Factors; Community-Institutional Relations; knowledge; attitude; practice; Oman

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Al Raisi, M., Al Yahyai, T., & Al Kindi, R. (2021). Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Cervical Cancer and Human Papilloma Virus in Oman. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal [SQUMJ], 1(1).