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Duplication of urethra is a rare congenital anomaly that has been reported in case reports and case series. A Y-shaped urethral duplication is the rarest variant as per the classification suggested and hence lacks a standardized treatment option. We report a case of Y-duplication of urethra diagnosed during neonatal age and presented to us at nine years of age. The patient had undegone a vesicostomy at seventh day of life for passing urine per anus and was lost to follow up thereafter. An attempt at disconnection of the duplicated urethral tract to anus after colostomy, at eight years of age had failed. The patient was managed successfully by progressive dilatation of the orthotopic urethra, which required multiple stages, followed by separation of the urethra from the rectum. At three years follow up the patient is continent and asymptomatic.

Keywords: Y duplication of the urethra; PADUA technique; Rectourinary fistula; Urethral duplication.

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Pati, A., Sahoo, S. K., & Tripathy, B. B. (2021). Progressive Dilatation as a Successful Treatment for Y duplication of Urethra: A case report. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 1(1).