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A urethral caruncle is a rare differential diagnosis for a prolapsed mass at the urethral meatus. The aetiopathogenesis of this entity is unclear. We report a three-year-old female patient who presented to a tertiary care teaching hospital in India in 2019 with intermittent bleeding from the introitus for a month. Investigations revealed a urethral caruncle and associated renal anomalies which has not been described in the previous literature. The patient was discharged with a prescription of a Sitz bath twice daily and advised to apply betamethasone (0.1%) cream locally once daily. There was a significant improvement after six weeks of therapy; at two-years follow-up, the lesion had disappeared completely.

Keywords: Crossed Fused Ectopia; Case Report; India.

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Ahmad, S., Pati, A. B., Mahalik, S. K., & Das, K. (2023). Urethral Caruncle with Associated Renoureteric Anomalies. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 23(1), 113–115.