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Cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) is a zoonotic skin disease that is frequently diagnosed in tropical and subtropical countries. Loeffler’s syndrome (LS) is a transient respiratory ailment characterised by pulmonary infiltration along with peripheral eosinophilia and commonly follows parasitic infestation. We report a 33-year-old male patient who presented to a tertiary care hospital in eastern India in 2019 with LS that was attributed secondary to multifocal CLM. Treatment with seven-day course of oral albendazole (400 mg daily) coupled with nebulisation (levosalbutamol and budesonide) led to complete resolution of cutaneous lesions and respiratory complaints within two weeks. There was complete resolution of pulmonary pathology at four-weeks follow-up.

Keywords: Loeffler's syndrome; Peripheral Eosinophilia; Cutaneous Larva Migrans; Helminths; Albendazole; Case Report; India.

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Sil, A., Bhanja, D. B., Chandra, A., & Biswas, S. K. (2023). Loeffler’s Syndrome and Multifocal Cutaneous Larva Migrans: Case report of an uncommon occurrence and review of the literature. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 23(1), 104–108.

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