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Objectives: This study aimed to present the magnitude and determinants of awareness about refractive surgery among the adult Saudi population and recommend knowledge improvement. Methods: This web-based cross-sectional study was conducted between June 2020 and May 2021 across various regions of Saudi Arabia on the adult Saudi population. A total of 11 close-ended questions regarding indication, contraindication, preparation and surgery procedures were asked. The awareness scores were grouped as ‘good’ (≥6) or ‘poor’ (≤5). Demographic and ocular parameters were associated with the outcomes. Results: Of the 6,746 participants, 6,580 (response rate = 97.5%) completed the survey. The participation of younger women and older men was greater than their proportions in the population, while older women participated less than their proportion. Good awareness about refractive surgery was noted in 1,165 (17.7%; 95% confidence interval: 16.2–18.0) participants. Women (P <0.001), the 18–29 age group (P <0.001), residents of the central region of Saudi Arabia (P <0.001), health professionals (P <0.001), health sector students (P = 0.0004), people with myopia (P <0.001) and history of refractive surgery (P <0.001) were associated with good awareness. Women (adjusted odds ratio [AOR] = 1.5; P <0.001), health sector students (AOR = 1.57; P <0.001), and residents in the central region (AOR = 1.27; P <0.001) were independent predictors of awareness. Knowledge about contraindications for surgery was good in more than one-third of the participants. Of the 535 participants who underwent surgery in the past, 452 (84.5%) were satisfied with their outcomes. Conclusion: Awareness of refractive surgeries is low in the adult Saudi population. Targeted counseling is recommended to improve the knowledge and acceptance of refractive surgery.

Keywords: Refractive Surgeries; Awareness; Survey; LASIK; Refractive Errors; Saudi Arabia.

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AlHuthail, R., AlEssa, D., Abualnaja, A., AlKhalaf, S., AlQahtani, N., AlDosari, Y., AlNojaidi, J., AlDosari, D., & AlRuwaili, S. (2024). Magnitude and Determinants of Awareness Regarding Refractive Surgeries Among Saudi Adults. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 24(1), 76–84.