Our Journal was founded in 1999 under the guidance of Professor Abdallah Daar, who was the Editor-in-Chief at the time, and was initially called the Sultan Qaboos University Journal for Scientific Research - Medical Sciences. It managed to publish 1–2 issues per year until publication was halted in 2004. In 2006, the Journal was revived as the Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal (SQUMJ) under the leadership of Professor Lamk Al-Lamki, Editor-in-Chief, and Professor Samir Al-Adawi, Editor. The SQUMJ started publishing two issues per year until 2011, where it has started to publish four issues per year. Under the guidance of Prof. Lamk and Prof. Samir, along with a team of dedicated subject editors and assistant editors, the SQUMJ continued to gain international recognition as a platform for high-quality publications. In 2016, the SQUMJ achieved a milestone by being the second medical journal in the Middle-East to be indexed in Pubmed®. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, SQUMJ has halted printing of issues and has gone fully online in 2020. To date, SQUMJ receives submissions from all parts of the world. Its breadth and depth has grown as an international medical journal and window of Oman to the world.