Published under the title: Sultan Qaboos University Journal for Scientific Research - Medical Sciences

ISSN (Print): 1029-4066

ISSN (Online): 1729-9810

Published: Oct 31, 2000

Antimicrobial Potential of Honey on some Microbial Isolates

75-79 Nzeako B C, Hamdi J

Practical Proof of the Validity of the Target Theory by Simulating Cellular Targets

81-86 Salih F M

Radiation Exposure Levels in Relatives of Patients after Radioiodine Therapy

87-90 Bererhi H, Constable A R

Outcome of Pregnancy in Patients Possessing Anticardiolipin Antibodies

91-95 Al Abri S, Vaclavinkova V, Richens E R

Evaluation of Applicability of Standard Growth Curves to Healthy Native Omani Women by Fetal Biometry at Selected Gestational Ages

97-104 Machado L S M, Vaclavinkova V, Gibb H

Psychological Morbidity in Primary Health Care in Oman : A Preliminary Study

105-110 Al-Lawati J, Al-Lawati N, Al-Siddiqui M, Antony S X, Al-Naamani A, Martin R G, Kolbe R, Theodorsson T, Osman Y, Al-Hussaini A A, Al-Adawi S

Evaluating Resilience Factors in the Face of Traumatic Events in Kuwait

111-116 Al-Naser F, Sandman M

Pathophysiology of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome: a review

117-124 Al Riyami B, Al Rawas O, Hassan MO

Laparoscopic deroofing of hepatic cyst

125-126 Al Kindy N M, Grant C S, Daar A S