ISSN (Print): 2075-051X

ISSN (Online): 2075-0528

Published: Apr 17, 2010

Four Decades of Progress Evolution of the health system in Oman

12-22 Moeness M Alshishtawy

Clinically-Defined Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young in Omanis : Absence of the common Caucasian gene mutations

80-83 Nicholas JY Woodhouse, Omayma T Elshafie, Ali S Al-Mamari, Nagi HS Mohammed, Fatma Al-Riyami, Sandy Raeburn

A Rare Presentation of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder : A recommendation to be more alert!

84-88 Marwan Al-Sharbati, Rashid Al-Zaidi, Rahma Al-Naamani, Amna Al-Futaisi, Rajeev Jain

Caudal Regression Syndrome with Partial Agenesis of the Corpus callosum and Partial Lobar Holoprosencephaly : Case report

89-93 Hilal Al Hashami, Maria F Bataclan, Mariam Mathew, Lalitha Krishnan

Severe Hyperparathyroidism Versus Parathyroid Carcinoma : A clinical dilemma

94-100 Mariam Al-Fadhli, Suhail A R Doi, Thomas Muttikkal, Basel Al-Sumait

Multiple Bone Metastases in a Patient with Differentiated Thyroid Cancer (DTC) : Complete resolution following thyroidectomy and four ablation doses of I-131

101-105 Omayma T Elshafie, Samir Hussein, Aisha Al-Hamdani, Haddia Bererhi, Nicholas JY Woodhouse

Port Site Herniation of the Small Bowel following Laparoscopic-Myomectomy : A case report

106-110 Ghazi A Elshafie, Khalifa Al-Wahaibi, Ahmed Al-Azri, Hani Al-Qadhi, Abdullah Al-Harthi

Oculocutaneous Albinism associated with Axenfeld’s Anomaly : Three case reports

111-113 B R Keshav, Mahmood J Mohammed, Nasir Mahmood

Asymptomatic Permanent Left Bundle Branch Block (LBBB) complicating Diagnostic Left Heart Catheterisation

114-119 Hafidh Al-Hadi, Mansour Sallam

To Err is Human - Case Reports of Two Military Aircraft Accidents : Possible mechanisms of human failure

120-125 Mohan B Dikshit

An Unnoticed Broken Sheathed Metallic Stylet in an Endotracheal Tube : A case report

126-128 Pradeep K Sharma, Rashid M Khan, Naresh Kaul

A Combined Surgical and Prosthetic Approach for the Successful Management of a Mutilated Eye Socket : A case report

129-132 D R Prithviraj, Sumit Khare, Anish Gupta, D P Shruthi

A Ten year-old Girl with Band Heterotopia or Double Cortex (two brains)

136-137 Roshan Koul, Amna Alfutaisi, Faisal Alazri, Rajeev Jain

Pharmacology and Therapeutics Principles to Practice

148-149 Ragini Vaishnav

ABC of the First Year

150-151 Muna Al-Sadoon

Paediatric Handbook

152-153 Zakiya Al-Lamki

Re: Radiation exposure levels in family members of Omani patients with thyrotoxicosis treated with radioiodine (I-131) as outpatients

138-141 Ramamoorthy Ravichandran, Amal Al-Saadi

Could Deadly Snake Venom Save Lives?

142-143 Yajnavalka Banerjee, Riad Bayoumi, Seyad MS Farook

Afghanistan and Oman Personal reflections on a profound contrast

144-147 Ken Foster